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Ms. Joyce Pendants

Hi, All! Are any of you interested in healing crystals, wire-wrapped jewelry, spirituality, and the like?

Well, head over to my new website, Ms. Joyce Pendants. It showcases my handmade, wire-wrapped jewelry and includes information about crystals’ metaphysical properties.

My pendants are available for sale at my Etsy shop. Please take a look. Use the coupon code BLOG2 to get a 10% discount off your order! (Free shipping in the U.S. $5.00 shipping to Canada. Discount does not apply to shipping cost.) The code expires December 31, 2016. Feel free to share the code.

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Ms. Joyce Pendants is also on:
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Enjoy and thanks!

Citrine Pendants

Rose Quartz Pendants

Clear Quartz Pendants

Amethyst Pendants

Lapis Lazuli Pendants

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