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Writing Another Chapter

If you’re reading this, you may be interested to know that I started a new blog, A.D. Joyce–poetry and the butterfly psyche. I already have two posts up. Take a look and maybe even subscribe! Also, I have a new Twitter account, @ad__joyce, so follow me there, too.

From now on, I’ll blog infrequently at Sweepy Jean Explores the World, if at all, and I will soon dismantle the @sweepyjean twitter account.

So what’s the deal? Well, this blog started off as a way  to stretch my limits and get rid of inhibitions as a writer.

I very quickly found a way to write authentically. People loved the “Sweepy Jean” moniker but eventually I was able to be more open about who I am as a real person living on Earth. Sometimes, though, I found that I was writing myself into other boxes, fighting against the idea of branding, rejecting the notion that the “MFA” type of writing was the benchmark  for good poetry, and struggling with traditional concepts of how a poet is supposed to build an audience. I’ve figured out some things but not everything, and I don’t really want to get to the point where I know it all. I truly embrace my stance as a perpetual student of poetry and life.

One of the things I’ve done to try to work out the answers to these questions is  a “game” I called 1 + 1 Wednesday, a weekly post I started here and eventually created a separate blog for. I invited readers to leave two words in the comment section and I did the same. The words could be related to any random thing. I saw it as a way to look at language and meaning differently and to shake up our thought patterns.

Then I ran the Third Sunday Blog Carnival. Again, the idea was to promote free self expression among writers, expand our readership, and share the collective knowledge.

“Sweepy Jean” was always the go-to blog for personal expression. But although I’m still an explorer, it’s been a while since I was Sweepy. She has long become a third person pronoun; now it’s time to completely step out of that shadow to let Adriene shine. (As most of  you know, A.D. Joyce is the name I use to sign my poetry. “A.D.” is a nickname for Adriene and Joyce is my middle name.)

Whereas in this blog I did a lot of explaining myself and public self analysis, my new blog will not contain much of that at all. The archives will remain here if you want to read personal details about me. Over at A.D. Joyce–poetry and the butterfly psyche, I’ll be transparent and self expressive in a way that will remain undefined, at least by me. But as always I hope you will find something there for you.

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2014

Comments on: "Writing Another Chapter" (18)

  1. on my way over … with sweet potato pie 😉

  2. Love sweet potato pie! ;D Thanks, sweetie! ❤

  3. You must do whatever works for you, really. And whatever you do, you are a talented writer. I also think that, as women, we have different phases in our lives. Maybe you are, well, starting a new one…just a thought…

  4. Thanks so much, Muriel. Indeed, I’m definitely in a new phase. I’m different now. 🙂

  5. And on you will go sweet girl, writing and being, sharing and shining. Wishing you everything wonderful as you explore the next chapter of A.D. Joyce.

  6. I’ve enjoyed your writings here as Sweepy Jean, and look forward to your new incarnation as A.D. Joyce. Best of luck, Adriene!

  7. Love Sweepy but if it’s time for Adriene to step onto the stage then I look forward to reading what she has to say.

  8. have always loved visiting here and taking a piece of you with me… Will miss this! But look forward to your posts in the new blog AD… Know I will enjoy that as much! Much love and best wishes for the future!

  9. A.D.

    I have throughly enjoyed your revealing writing as Sweepy and I know I will be just as pleased or more-so over at your new space. Thanks for sharing your lovely introspection as you have inspired others to take a deeper look at who they are as well. Cheers to you my dear!

  10. pagemanuel said:

    Good luck, Adriene. I’m certain you will always find your authentic voice regardless of url, platform or genre. These are exciting times and I hope you will find joy in this journey!

  11. I look forward to following your new chapter 🙂

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