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seasonal madness

as i sit at my desk
the autumn sunlight
swirls through the window
bright then dim

i imagine my thoughts
are validated then called into question
throughout the day
by such dimming and shining

as the days pass
and november lies dying
the light is ever weaker
and i wonder if that weakness reflects
the paucity of my current thoughts
or simply the changing seasons

i worry come the gray days of winter
how i’ll know which thoughts
are worth thinking

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2013

Comments on: "seasonal madness" (12)

  1. Yes, I know. Neat! You have captured that marvelous instinct for immediate gratification that I feel is God/nature watching and responding when it is most likely my own emotions coloring my world. When completely lucid, I know I am not the center of the universe, and that the Light is what it is. But poetry is built of these secret moments we share.

  2. 3rd stanza is everything, Adriene

  3. You’ve captured the inner musings of a hapless victim of the approaching winter well. Who knows what thoughts are truly worth thinking and who illuminates these thoughts? Beautiful poem, Adriene. Happy seasons my friend.

  4. The strength will be completed in the weakness.Nice metaphors there…

  5. As I’ve thought with every poem of yours I’ve read, you have such insight and truly a gift for words. Well done, Adriene!

  6. “if that weakness reflects the paucity of my current thoughts.” A poem that raises a question that leads to other questions. Then I think of the great poets in that gray land of England and wonder if dimming light may not also be a strength.

  7. Such a deep, thought provoking poem.

  8. Lovely. So simple and evocative.

  9. Great words, I loved it. thank you, I’ve missed you.

  10. Well, just like you I am struggling with the end of November. You know how to say it a lot better than me!

  11. Our thoughts and the wonders of the season…I love how you married the two so beautifully!

  12. […] Joyce presents seasonal madness posted at Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) […]

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