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Lock and Key

Today is the first day of Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims. Among other restrictions, they take in nothing by mouth from sunrise to sunset.

The time of year for the fast changes each cycle because Muslims use the lunar calendar, so next year Ramadan will start in late June. I remember when I used to participate in this fast that it was much easier to do during the winter months, and how much more difficult it was to fast during the summer months–not drinking water during the hot humid days with as many as four more hours of daylight before the fast ended at sundown, compared with the winter months.

Ramadan is a sacred month for Muslims because supposedly it was the month that the Quran, the Muslim holy book, was revealed to the prophet Muhammad. It is believed that during the month of Ramadan, Satan and his minions are locked up behind the gates of hell and they can’t get out to perpetrate evil in the world until the month is over.

The implication, if you believe such things, is that because Satan is out of the picture for the month, any evil that occurs during this time comes strictly from the hearts of humankind. There is nothing else to blame. Also, it’s a window of opportunity where every good deed takes on that much more significance.

This whole idea has always intrigued me. I used to imagine, and even now, though I don’t practice the faith anymore, that the world feels a little less oppressive during Ramadan, and at the end of the month, which this year will be around August 7, I’ll sense  the world settling back to business as usual.

Not for nothing. Really. Just wanted to share that.

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  1. I believe that what a community does together has influence–spiritual influence–on the rest of the world. May the spirit of Ramadan and the continued unity of spirit around Nelson Mandala unite for the good of all humanity. Thanks for the info, Adriene. I was ignorant of the implications of the time of fasting.

  2. Read this article about how to stay healthy in Ramadan http://freespirits.me/2013/07/09/how-to-stay-healthy-in-ramadan/ Ramadan Kareem 🙂

  3. I never knew all these facts about Ramadan. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • My pleasure. I had been a Christian for many years and a Muslim for many years, and though now I don’t profess any organized religion, I have been enriched tremendously by both.

  4. I had Muslim friends in college who religiously fasted during the month of Ramadan. Inspired by them, I decided to join them one year. Needless to say, I found it extremely hard to fast and couldn’t really last longer than a week. I came away with a deeper respect and appreciation for them and their beliefs.

  5. Hi Sweepy. I am not too familiar with Ramadan so this read was very helpful to me in understanding more about it. I like the concept of Satan being locked away. I think I’d like to learn more about this Thanks for sharing.


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