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Sidewalk running

Sidewalk-running heart outpaces control,
rushing fuzzy flashing past all-night minimart,
tomorrow-blinded sweaty-faced stark-eyed kohl,
sidewalk running. Heart
bouncing off the curb, traffic dodging cars–
heavy bus creaking #34 clinking manhole–
up-curb hopping invincible, pulling crowds apart.
No time–the crime of sitting parking weighty on the soul,
no tears, no ticket, thinking, street smart,
dropping coins the passing meters lining the whole
sidewalk, running heart.

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2013


Comments on: "Sidewalk running" (9)

  1. “No time — the crime . . . .” Love the speed achieved here, the way the sounds tumble along.

  2. LOVE the heart bouncing off the curb. You really caught the rush here, Adriene.

  3. I too love the speed and the heart approach, but worry about it out-pacing itself, taking on too much for whatever reason. Need the runner feed every meter? This poem is an amazing heads up! Wonderful.

    • Thanks. I imagined this to speak to a certain anxiety and fear, couched in the “city life” metaphor, a mentality of using activity to keep from dealing with self, feeding every meter as a way of stuffing emotion. I wrote this more than 2 years ago, one of only three poems this month not written within 24 hours of posting (maybe I’ll blog about this next month). Having unsuccessfully passed this around for publication over time, I had doubts about the accessibility of this poem, one reason why I put it out there, to get some feedback. I’m happy you and others were able to figure out the plot here! 🙂

  4. susanpjames said:

    Can feel it, the rush, hurry, feed every meter – why? But it adds to the hurried pace and frantic actions.

  5. I feel like this when I’n navigating through the crowds of people in Time Square!

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