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Blood Cousins

(for Geo)

Our mothers, sisters,
bled together in a hospital room
concerning our births, days apart.
Practically twins, we were brothers
in soul, though I was a girl
trying to run as fast as you
and soar with your thoughts flying.
You, the prescient one,
taught me that words are clay
while riding our bikes in the sunshine.
And when we pricked our fingers
with a straight pin from Grandma’s notions,
we pressed them to each other
as if our blood could get any closer.

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2013

Comments on: "Blood Cousins" (18)

  1. What a lovely, sweet poem!

  2. I.Love.This. Poem. As if closer was possible.

  3. What a wonderful definition of family. This makes me wish I was closer to my cousins. Perhaps there is still hope.

  4. Adriene, you have done it again.

  5. “You, the prescient one, taught me that words are clay . . .”
    To be molded into sublime poetry or prose, to express who we are, where we’ve been, our hopes, our loves, our dreams.
    Words . . . You mold them and use them so beautifully, Adriene. The world is a better place because of you.
    Blessings, my friend!

  6. Rachel, Susan, Tamara, Susan L, Mama, Martha, Stacy: Thank you all so much for the lovely comments. ❤

  7. I love it! It made me curious: are you still friends with your cousin? What then happened?

    • Wow, a lot has happened! ;p But to make a long story short, we hung out often up until young adulthood, and then less frequently after that as life took us in slightly different directions. Still, when we do see each other, the connection is just as strong. We’ve maintained a close friendship and creative exchange throughout the years. He’s an indie film maker. I spoke to him last night for his birthday. He was floored and appreciative of the poem. 🙂

  8. I am a little envious of such a special bond. We moved a lot and I never lived anywhere long enough to have a friendship like this one. It sounds very special. Lovely poem.

  9. I loved this poem too. It reminds me of my cousin and how close we once were. We did that pinprick with the needle when we were about 10. Beautiful images here, especially the “words are like clay”. Of course, he would love the poem. I wonder if there’s another poem here as well — something that would tie his movie-making into this childhood memory.

    • Indeed, Beth. I actually tried to work film into this piece but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Like all of the poems written for NaPo, this is really a first draft. He writes his own scripts so it still holds fairly true to life. But yes, that is something I think is worth exploring in another poem. Thanks.

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  11. Thank you for sharing your sweet, heartfelt poem with us. 🙂

  12. I love this one Adriene, it took my back to my childhood and the cousins I loved to hang out with…all of us grown now, with only memories of what was.

  13. […] a real gem, and I’m not saying that just because the director is my cousin! (I wrote a poem about him here.) A couple of weeks ago, Stammer was named the Best Drama Short at the Atlanta […]

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