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Geographical Ideations (poem)

We are the invisible X on the map

We live on the graphic
Next to the blue line

We are the unnumbered route
Near the capital star

You would never know

We are so many

That on the red road
Is the shopping mall

That on the unnamed parallel
We walk our dogs

That at every coordinate
Someone grieves
In calculated silence

That one of us plots revenge
Against the blameless
And larcenous alike

That someone hides her intentions
Of taking a one-way trip
By averting her eyes
Because she knows you cannot stop
What is not perceived

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2013


Comments on: "Geographical Ideations (poem)" (24)

  1. Serious and with often a sudden reverse azimuth

  2. So very true Adrienne. We all occupy spots. Human frailty juxtaposed against linear coordinates. Unique words here. 😀

  3. jvonbargen said:

    Seriously creative, intriguing as well, Adriene! Good think piece!

  4. As always love the way your words flow.You always hit home!

  5. Powerful piece and truly titled. Anyone could pop at any time, but it takes long abuse to be willing to sign up for the one-way trip. Revenge is such a Pyrrhic victory. Those averted eyes must be bottomless pits of grief.

  6. You stark prose is full-bodied, graphic, and is never bland. The word choices and presentation lend to the image of the X. I am intrigued by grieving in calculated silence. Stunning.

  7. Hello, Beautiful! ~

    This is a powerful piece — juxtaposing personal space within a larger context. It reminds me very much of the work of a painter friend of mine, Neil Johnston, so much so that you may be interested in checking out his work at https://www.facebook.com/Paintstew

    A brief excerpt from his artist statement: “I respond to, and attempt to comprehend, the relationships between image, space, and time, through my painting. I believe that my work is more than just a concept of landscape; it explores the changing thoughts of place, perspective and identity.”

  8. This made me think how small we are when it comes to thinking about the size of the world and the universe, yet how each of us is special, unique, and loved by God. Fantastic poem, Adrene!

  9. Thanks so much, Martha. The world is all about perspective.

  10. When I see a map I often wonder about all the hidden stories lost among all those lines, figures, and words, and your poem reminded me of this. I often feel sad about the fact that we will probably never know about them. The people, their circumstances, what they do and why they do it: entire lives lost to memory.

  11. tumultuousjourney said:

    great write. Intuitive and well described truth.

  12. fantastic work! Looking forward to digging into the other poems!

  13. Adriene,
    The aspect of this piece that I appreciated most was how you progressed from our mutual anonymity to a very particular, personal struggle.

    Very Nicely Done …
    Scott L.

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