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when she walks

when  she walks,
her twisting hips,  a pestle,
grind a secret
between her thighs.

how must that feel—

her face pressed to the sun,
a flower reaching;

her skin washed in satin waves of air;

her spirit tickled long and slow;

her feet,
the crash of cymbals
on the pavement.

how does that feel?

like the still between tremors,

like breathing color,

like the order of the universe.

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2012


Comments on: "when she walks" (36)

  1. I am so caught up in describing to myself how it might feel that I am lost in a whirlwind. You had me ‘her twisting hips’. The use of cymbals is excellent, I can hear and see her feet, heel-toe-pavement. As always you make me want reach for the next word.

  2. Excellent, Adriene, excellent – ‘like the order of the universe’!

  3. Wow! wonderful imagery here.

  4. Took my breath away with this one . . . amazing imagery, Adriene!

  5. WOW…the imagery is incredible. I read it several times…wow!

  6. Love the style, tone, swagger and your awesome words.

  7. There are so many images and feelings in this post. Just beautiful, Adriene! My favorite line is the last, which ties everything together, even in my own life it seems!

  8. Incredible imagery and metaphor. Spellbinding.
    “her twisting hips, a pestle,
    grind a secret
    between her thighs.”

    So beautiful. Only wish I could write like you.

  9. Wow – spellbinding!

  10. Loved being here as always! Makes me want to know more about her.

  11. owooooo! Bless you for this beauty expressed in words.

    “a pestle” “a secret”
    “like the still between tremors,
    like breathing color,
    like the order of the universe.”

  12. I love this. I’ll be reading more. 🙂

  13. commenting after a long time SJ-almost forgot how beautiful your poetry is.

  14. Beautiful poem, and I really liked the almost-repetition of how must that feel / how does that feel? – really drew me in and got me trying to imagine.

  15. Made me so proud to be a woman!

  16. Beautifully done, with all of her present in the air pushing through it. I think we know by her face how it feels, by our experience how she feels walking so happy, and this draws me into the poem.

  17. Lovely specially the opening lines ~

  18. Beautiful, tactile, visceral. All words that are evoked by this poem. So glad I found my way beack here :). Happy New Year.

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