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So There

Even in grayscale
We live in a world of absolutes
Where the spot on which we stand
Is indivisible
So here
Yet how to explain the déjà vu
Before it happens
Color coordinated sentiments
Words in your head
Escaping their lips
The memory of cut grass
Littering today’s sidewalk
Like green confetti
Smelling like spring
Thoughts loosed
Virtually sight unseen
So here yet so there
Or is it so called
To ascribe meaning
As one day grays into the next

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2012


Comments on: "So There" (21)

  1. Wow…this was so deep…I loved it!

  2. Your poems are always WOW!

  3. I loved the rhythm…beautiful poem. So there;)

  4. Very interesting poem Sweepy. I will have to think on this one for awhile ☺ Very intense!

  5. One Poem In Grey…so there 😉

  6. “Where the spot on which we stand
    Is indivisible
    So here”
    Yes, so absolute that I have to finds a surprise for you: How the memory of the scattered grass cuttings invade the same greyness, even if they are next to everyone’s houses–but wait–a little red rose for you!

  7. Wow as usual! So here, so it seems…and yet admittedly, most times, and sadly, I find myself So there as well……

  8. Giving meaning to it all is the toughest part.

    Wonderfully written!

  9. Deliciously appealing to all our senses . . . Exquisitely penned, Adriene!

  10. Adriene, every time I read one of your poems, I am left breathless. Sigh after sigh, I re-read your words in order to visualize the beautiful imagery and listen to their flow. Deja vu–what a wonderful concept! And is it not true that we have all experienced it at one time or another in our lives? While in Spain, I experienced an instance of deja vu. It truly felt like I was reliving an episode of a life that had been previous lived. It was both scary and wonderful! 🙂

  11. I always like your poem. I especially like the first two verses on this one. Well done!

  12. Everyone, thanks from the bottom of my heart for your comments, they mean so much to me. ❤ @Stu: I guess I have 49 more to go on this theme! ;p

  13. The memory of cut grass
    Littering today’s sidewalk
    Like green confetti
    Smelling like spring

    Lovely and brilliant – an image of the particular and the universal!

  14. I can’t write poetry like this, eludes me somehow. I like the ethereal quality of the words and the world you captured. So there!

  15. Mmmm… This was like sipping hot tea. Smooth and satisfying. I often wonder if I have been here before when I have those deja vu moments. So beautiful Sweepy! 🙂

  16. whoa… that was incredible!

    ~~so there… love it.

  17. Love how this expresses human conflict through contrasts. Yet you seem to bring it all together so beautifully so that it’s a sigh instead of frustration!

  18. Eva PoeteX. said:

    Excellent work!

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