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at the ends

you are at earth’s end
walking in the park,
caught in drenching rain–
shirt and pants
cold and clinging, shoes
squelching at every step.

you stop for shelter
under an oak,
the sound of rain
like breaking glass.

at earth’s opposite end–
air hot and still–
i sit on a park bench,
umbrella open.
humidity clutches me
like a frightened child.

in unbroken waves,
heat rises from the path.
i close my eyes
and wish for rain.

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2012


Comments on: "at the ends" (25)

  1. “shoes
    squelching at every step.”

    They either are the encouraging or the squelching ones! Here, they must find some middle ground between torrent and drought, neither of which are nurturing. A great and timely poem!

    • Oh my, Susan! Your comment was languishing in the spam folder for some odd reason! This is why I at least skim through the spam folder once in a while because you never know what kind of treasure there is to find. At any event, I appreciate your comment as ever. This will certainly go down as a strange weather year–if we get to see it through, that is! ❤

  2. “humidity clutches me
    like a frightened child” I loved the whole thing but that line I found particularly poignant. Wonderful poem!

  3. “the sound of rain like breaking glass” is my favorite imagery here :-))

  4. Oh, the imagery here! I could feel the longing between two lovers separated by distance and unable to share their in-the-moment experiences. Not sure if that’s what you intended here, but that’s how it made me feel. Just beautiful!

  5. Penelope J. said:

    Wonderful words and visuals. “Like breaking glass” and “humidity clutches me” and “in broken waves.” Compelling thought – rain at earth’s end and heat at the opposite end.

  6. Love, love the contrast.

  7. You are a super star Sweepy! Loved loved it!

  8. Portia Burton said:

    Ditto Jessica! same thoughts!

  9. Something about the humidity holding the person in.. or maybe it’s the illusion of it, regardless it resonates. As always, beautifully done.

  10. Very evocative, Adriene!

  11. I love rains and your words are a treat.

  12. You need to come to London. We have had so much rain over here that I would happily share with you! Lovely poem!

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