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I not long ago got back from a few days “down the shore,” as we say in New Jersey, that is, from one of the many beach towns that hug the coast of the Atlantic in our fair state. I was there with my sister as we both badly needed to recharge our batteries that were run down from living overly busy lives. Being on the beach is my favorite thing to do for recreation.

The weather was the nicest we’ve had in a long time. Almost immediately I gave in to the atmosphere to the point where there was no thought in my head except about whatever was happening in the moment.

I was able to bond with my sister in way we haven’t  been able to do for a while. During one of our deep talks, she asked me where did I see myself in five years and what I wanted out of life.

I really appreciated her challenging me in that way as I am already in the process of reevaluating my direction in life. In essence, I said, I want to continue to grow in my poetry and to share it. Any goal other than that, I don’t want to give voice to.

And I realize that this may seem to be avoiding the issue. But as I told her, I don’t want to limit any possibility. I just think that my life so far has been defined to death. The labels of wife, mother, and I don’t know how many other labels have kept me boxed in, and now I’m saying “No more.” Or to put it more accurately, I’ve been saying, “No more” for a long time; now I’m finally in a position where I can talk the talk and walk the walk.

I think I know myself and my values enough that I can be a responsible mature adult and still live life as if I’m on the beach, so to speak, living in the moment, living consciously, manifesting on the outside what I feel inside, and loving every minute of it.

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Comments on: "Down the Shore (in real time)" (19)

  1. We should all take these walks down the shore more often. Sounds like it produced some valuable insight for you.

    • It was great, Chris. I needed the clarity. And I agree that we all need these moments to realign ourselves. I didn’t take any such time last year and that was a mistake.

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  3. I’ve always been one who loved definitions. I still do and it’s jut my natural tendency. But reading your words above is like a breath of fresh air. You are right and I love your perspective; that indeed there are gifts to be found in not defining, not labeling, not knowing for sure. (p.s. You made me miss my sister and our deep talks *sigh*)

    • I know what you mean, Joy. I think at different point in our lives we need different things. Right now for me, I’m not in a place where I have to define myself based on my relationship to someone else. Not that it’s a bad thing; it just doesn’t work for me right now.

  4. We all need such defining moments in our lives, when we are open to the pathways God has for us. Beautifully expressed!

  5. I love that you managed to reconnect with your sister. There is nothing like a walk on the beach.

  6. But can we avoid being boxed in? What about the label poet? Is that a box? Is what we call “freedom” merely the exercising of our right to choose our own boxes? Are those that refuse to be boxed in unknowingly occupying a box labelled “those that refused to be boxed in”? Is there life without boxes? Too many questions. Outside is a beautiful day. I’m off to enjoy that box…

  7. Lots of excellent questions, Rolando! So good I think I’ll answer them in a new post. I love this time of year; continue to enjoy the sunshine!

  8. […] In my last post I said that I no longer want to limit the possibilities in my life or box myself in through labels, such as wife. mother, or what have you. […]

  9. It sounds like you want to live your life more in the flow of things which is great! Just let go and let it flow! Glad you got to spend some time with your sister!

  10. This is very beautiful Adriene and I congratulate you for letting your true self out. Just be.

    Take care 🙂

  11. Thank you for sharing your journey. It’s amazing how introspective one can get along the seashore – it happens to me all the time. I think that you just want to explore all you can be minus the labels – but sometimes I think, it’s we who label ourselves and so limit all we can be and do. Frankly, I don’t just see you as a poet – you’re a woman of great wisdom and someone who I feel I can turn to, to be a voice of reason. ♥

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