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Parakeets and decimals, Delores, don’t belong on the same page.
These are precise algorithms, pay attention. Subway: Eat Fresh.
The mud is for leaves and branches. Don’t want them? More for us.

This is an ultimatum: Eagles fly west of the terror divided.
It’s a massacre only to a point. Beyond that, egg nog and a samba.
The algorithm is semi hot, a nose key at Pennsylvania University.

Okay, this is ass backward, Delores. Put the corn on separate pages.


NaPoWriMo Day 13. The NaPoWriMo prompt was to take a poem written in a language you don’t know and translate it based on the way the words sound without any care for what they actually mean in the original. Therefore, “Para que pudéssemo” became “Parakeets and decimals” and so on, with changes to tie the nonsense together.  My apologies to Lêdo Ivo of Brazil, who wrote a beautiful piece. You can see the original and the translation here.

Please visit this list of my poet friends who are also doing the poem-a-day challenge. They are worth the look. I’m inspired by them daily Contact me if you want to be added to the list.

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2012


Comments on: "Delores" (29)

  1. Today’s prompt was really creative! Loved your poem!

    Here’s my recent one: http://ascendingthehills.blogspot.com/2012/04/poetry-challenge-day-12.html

    Looking forward to reading what you come up with tomorrow! 🙂

    • Ack, the pressure!! ;p No, really, I am having fun playing around with the prompts. I’m committing to doing them because they stretch me in directions I may not have tried otherwise.

  2. Very interesting Sweepy ☺ I love how you added Subway in there. Very unique!

  3. Janaki Nagaraj said:

    This is clever…Nice .

  4. Very creative and original!

  5. This one big fun. You got game.



  6. This looks like fun! I think you did an amazing job. LOL!!! Parakeets and decimals!

  7. You caught me at “Parakeets and decimals” and I had to keep reading. I love how this turned out–almost surreal.

  8. Hello Sweepy.
    I’ve been visiting a few of the blogs listed on the NaPoWriMo site and your poem is the third one I’ve read like this. Not being biased, but yours is the best so far! So funny…great job! Thanks for sharing.

    Day 12/13: Love, Charity And Poverty

  9. Total fun! You make it seem easy, whereas I could not even attempt this one. Yet, by using the last line of my last poem to start this one, I also became surreal.

    • Thank you! You know, I have been following the NaPo prompts so far, and at least two thirds of the time my first reaction was not to do it. But i’ve been pushing through that feeling for the challenge of it. I’m really afraid of the ghazal for tomorrow but I’m going for it anyway! 🙂

  10. Oh! What fun! I hadn’t seen the prompt yet today. I heading right for it. I LOVE your poem. It works. :0)

  11. Wow, this one was a brain tease! I’m sure you had fun with this. I had to read it a few times and look at the original to make the distinctions. Great job as usual Sweepy!

  12. He he he this was funny..had me scratching my head LOL..As always…OXOXOXOXO


  13. Wow, what an interesting and creative translation of the original Brazilian poem. Excellent work, Sweepy! 🙂

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