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The ABCs of Geese







This is the life of family Anatidae, the depth of skies, angry
foreboding, waterfowl in shades of majesty, thunderous heralds
of coming rain, the shifting curtain through which lightning glares,
the uncontrollable weather, the martyrs of seasons.

lead me i am behind you cheering cheering cheering
i am beside you get behind me i am

flying     flying     flying     flying     flying     flying

flying     flying     flying     flying     flying     flying

flying     flying     flying     flying     flying     flying


NaPoWriMo Day 7. The NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a poem about an animal in the style of Marianne Moore. Geese are my animals du jour.

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Comments on: "The ABCs of Geese" (24)

  1. I can hear them honking, calling to one another overhead. See them in the V.
    Beautifully crafted!

  2. really powerful. Love the way you laid this out. It MOVED.

  3. Great poem Sweepy, I plan to write on the theme today, hopefully.

  4. Janaki Nagaraj said:

    This is creative .

  5. This really well done. I can’t do stuff like this.



    • Like what? You do stuff like this all the time! 😉 But, thanks.

      • Like layout poetry…or nature stuff…I’m scared to try anything with any structure other than what I build in my head…that’s like what. You challenge yourself…you stretch. You’re a poet, I’m a word slinger. You’re growing. I’m old.


  6. Doug: Yes you are but not just and no you are not.

    Adriene ;p

  7. innocentattempts said:

    Quite different and creative.


  8. This was a work of art Sweepy! I could hear and see them! I might have to double back and try that prompt later this month. I truly enjoyed this!


  9. Perfection! This is a first for me….so much motion in poetry! 🙂

  10. I love the layout. And I feel like I’m flying with them, one of them.

  11. I’m with Martha, I could hear the honking and see their huge wings going up and down. Very nice!
    Good luck with the poem writing!

  12. You clearly have a gift with words. I love the shape of the poem too!

    • Thanks! I found that even if I wanted to this was about a good as it gets on WordPress! If I wanted to do more, I would have had to mess around in Word, then hope it would hold the formatting with copy and paste!

  13. Portia Burton said:

    wonderfully crafted!

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