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7 Haiku: Geese

Pierce the blue
With sight and sound,
Snow white geese.


Flocked together,
Desperate wings escape
The winter cold.


Geese in formation
Follow blindly,
Bleating like sheep.


In half light I dreamt
Of wailing and tears; outside
Geese flew overhead.


Out of the blue,
Goose choir throng
Trumpets the sky.


Feathered clouds
Drift as one;
Skein of geese


Spring hides in half light
While gray geese lament the cold.
Winter dies slowly.

(These haiku were originally published on the Blognostics website.)

(Published in Kalyani Magazine.)

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2012


Comments on: "7 Haiku: Geese" (25)

  1. This sequence is really first rate. I enjoyed the fourth one the best, although I enjoyed all of them.

  2. Simply excellent! Loved the flow and could envision the geese flying and honking through the sky.

  3. Beautiful, great reminder that spring is just around the corner 🙂

  4. The sounds of the geese are by far more interesting than the noise of the construction I hear in the morning!

  5. Nice visuals! I could clearly see them feathered against the clouds and I could hear their music.

  6. SJ – Did you know that geese fly all the way over the Himalayas from Russia and China to spend their winters in India? When I read this I could visualize them huddling together for protection as they flew over…..and hear them honking…..I like these lines the best: In half light I dreamt
    Of wailing and tears; outside
    Geese flew overhead.

    • No, I didn’t know that. I feel as if the geese around here (northeast US) should be flying further south of here, but there are so many still hanging out. We haven’t had much of a winter … Thanks for your comments, Corinne!

  7. You bring me right into your poems. Great haikus! 🙂

  8. Thanks so much, Jess!

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  10. Beautiful Sweepy. You give good Haiku! 🙂

  11. your poetry is beautiful! ♥ Following! 🙂

  12. ps… following on Twitter too 🙂


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  14. I have been missing your poetry . . . and was therefore happy to stumble upon Third Sunday Blog Carnival where I am treated to an earlier poem of yours. I love “7 Haiku: Geese” with a passion. White Geese, not Canadian, are out of my experience except for ONCE the waves of them at Chincoteaque. But I watch for the vee-s of Geese for spring and fall yearly because my mind and heart want to follow while my feet cling to the ground. And yes, “pierce the blue” and “lament” what? The death of winter? you could write 2 X 7 Haiku and still not capture all the flying madness and regularity. Thanks.

    • Much appreciated, Susan. It was a weird year, with a relatively mild winter that kept a death grip on spring. So, lamenting the cold as stated, as winter wouldn’t die quick enough.

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