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She's smiling with her eyes! A natural!

Do you ever have moments when you just can’t seem to get it in gear to do the things you usually do or intend to do? Sometimes a weird feeling comes over me that freezes me in my tracks.

For instance, this pic of my beautiful grandniece was intended to be posted yesterday as part of a Friday meme called “This Moment.” Today, I realize that the outfit my sweetie is wearing has a statute of limitations that runs out in less than seven hours, and it would be a shame to waste the shot. She’s a future America’s Next Top Model, assuming the t.v. program is around long enough.

A long time ago, I used to daydream about one day being a guest on the Phil Donahue talk show.

Somebody close to me recently told me that they like it when I blog about random thoughts, such as the one about shame, embarrassment, and guilt. When I hit the “publish” button after writing such a post, I feel exposed, but I never regret it.

I went out with the “ladies who breakfast” this morning. That was fun and always a pleasure to see you all! Once again, may all our dreams come true in 2012! ❤

People compliment me on all the projects I juggle and how much I’m able to accomplish, though I never seem to think I’m doing enough.

The enigmatic “they” say that whatever activity you’re doing at the turn of the year is what you’ll be doing during the year. I’ll be writing as the clock strikes midnight–or more likely flipping channels between the Twilight Zone and Honeymooners marathons. Don’t cry for me; I’ll be happy as a pig in slop.

It’s been six years since I quit but today I wish I had a cigarette.

Doing things you’re afraid to do is a rush. Use that knowledge for good, not evil.

Happy New Year!

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Comments on: "Baby New Year (And Other Random Stuff)" (34)

  1. Amen. Janet

  2. I haven’t been blogging for a while but will start up again next year..a few hours that is. Saw your blog listed and really like what you said. You do definitely have a cute little grandniece. Wishing you a happy New Year!

  3. Great message. I hope you and yours have a blessed and healthy new year!

  4. What a little precious. Happy NewYear!

  5. happy new back to you and your dear readers sweepy .. sad to say i type this with cigarette in hand 🙂

  6. “People compliment me on all the projects I juggle and how much I’m able to accomplish, though I never seem to think I’m doing enough.”

    Believe that you have and that you will! God’s plan is perfect for you. It is His plan for your life and meant for no one else. You will, through Him, do enough, and more than enough!

    Blessings for you in the new year!

  7. Great post, I love your candor. Have a Happy New Year.

  8. Happy New Year, SJ! And to many more breakfasts in 2012! It’s always fun!

  9. Wishing you a very happy new year……thanks for this great post.

  10. Lovely post and I specially like the expression BABY NEW YEAR, something precious, innocent and trusting, which we need to protect and cuddle.

    I can completely relate to your feeling of not doing enough, but the most important thing is: we try hard, we have dreams and visions which evolve into projects by our willpower and discipline (also with a cigarette in my hand!). I think we are some pats due!

    To more random thoughts of yours in 2012! Hugs!

  11. Happy New Year, great achievments. I’ve quit smoking a few times but I think I finally kicked it.

  12. She’s a doll, Adrienne! I can see why you’d like to have her picture on your blog! Wishing you everything wonderful in the new year! Much love ~ Corinne

  13. What a wonderful post Sweepy! And the photo? Hec, when it comes to an infant or child it can be posted anytime! Love all your topics that you covered…and have to say, wish that someday I can say that “it has been 6 years since having a cigarette” 🙂

  14. Love love love these posts of random thoughts which somehow dovetail seamlessly! My own random thoughts are kept in a pillow book, a journal by my bedside, and at my writer’s blog. If you want to know more about the pillow book and read a small collection of my own random thoughts, check out ‘The Insatiable Pillow Book’ page on my blog, ‘While the Dervish Dances’ — http://cathykozak.com/a-pillow-book/

    • I’m probably so much of a writer now, my random thoughts organize themselves accordingly! ;p Thanks for pointing out the “Pillow Books”; i definitely have to check them out!

  15. Happy baby new year Sweepy Jean! And don’t have a cigarette to celebrate. Not worth it.

  16. “Doing things you’re afraid to do is a rush. Use that knowledge for good, not evil.”

    I love that line…so true. May your year be everything you hope for Adriene. 😀

  17. Sorry to be so late, happy new year! Cute cute pic, glad you finally got to post it.

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