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If you follow me on any of several social network platforms, it is quite possible that you have heard about my new venture–a monthly event called the Third Sunday Blog Carnival, hosted at its own site. The first edition will be posted on January 15, 2012.

In short, a blog carnival functions very much like an online magazine, with links to blog posts from various contributors. The theme of the Third Sunday Blog Carnival is poetry, fiction, and essays about writing.

Why would I start such a project? Would it surprise you to hear that I love discovering and curating? To be able to combine that activity with my passion for all things literary is just plain fun for me.

Beyond my personal geekiness, I believe that interest in the printed word is alive and that readers are looking for more than what is commercially available in the mainstream markets. I truly hope that as the news spreads, readers will come to the Third Sunday Blog Carnival to sample the abundance of great writing available on the internet. By the same token, I hope that this will grow into a community where writers are supportive of each other.

I know I speak for a great many writers when I say that all we want is a chance for our work to be read. How many great blog posts out there have had a limited number of reads? Perhaps with some concentrated effort, more of our work will see the light of day.

When I conducted my research on blog carnivals, I noticed a void in the area of writing that I hope the Third Sunday Blog Carnival can fill. In addition, there was a general lack of focus. For instance, I saw blog carnivals about spirituality with links from SEO experts, auto mechanics, and anyone else who happened to apply, I suppose.

From that, I was determined to see to it that any blog carnival I ran would adhere strictly to guidelines established from the outset. With the Third Sunday Blog Carnival, I think I have come up with guidelines that greatly increase the chance for quality submissions–and I’m not afraid to enforce them (I think this where my real-life experience as an editor on my day job comes into play). Readers will be confident about what to expect when they come to the Third Sunday Blog Carnival.

It has been just a week since I issued the call for submissions and so far the reaction has been favorable. Submissions are coming in steadily and indeed, they are good. There’s no shortage of talent in the blogiverse.

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2011.


Comments on: "The Third Sunday Blog Carnival: From the Editor" (9)

  1. Sounds interesting…

  2. Great going Sweepy : ) I am so excited about this…

  3. Janaki Nagaraj said:

    😀 A very nice platform to show one’s talent.

  4. This is so cool, Sweepy. I can’t wait to see the results!

  5. Glad to hear you are organizing this Third Sunday Blog Carnival and that you are getting some good submissions. There are some excellent and even great bloggers out there who need more exposure.

  6. Thanks so much, everyone! I hope you all consider submitting an entry if you haven’t already! 🙂

    • Jean, I sent in a submission today. Hope it does not get lost in your spam box. Enjoyed your post above and wish you success with this venture!

  7. Would my photo haiku posts count? I don’t write about writing, and don’t do fiction as a rule…

    I wish you luck with this…you are so multi-talented… 😀

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