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1 Plus 1 Went Thataway

Hello, Party People! If you are looking for 1 + 1 Wednesday, the writing prompt/word game, head on over to the new home of 1 +1 Wednesday at http://1plus1wednesday.blogspot.com!


Why, you ask, have I moved 1 + 1 Wednesday from here to it’s new home at http://1plus1wednesday.blogspot.com?

Well, it was something I was thinking about doing for months now, but was always too lazy busy to do it. I felt as if the 1 + 1 Wednesday posts were a different breed from the regular posts in a way that is not entirely compatible. I think the two kinds of posts deserve their own space to breathe and be what they want to be with the other one bitching about it.

Or maybe that’s my addiction talking and in three months time, I’ll have thought of excuses to generate as many as five more blogs.

So What’s the Plan?

So, what’s the plan, you ask? I plan to continue where I left off here to write 1 + 1 Wednesday posts every week over at http://1plus1wednesday.blogspot.com. Just follow the arrows. I truly hope you’ll visit me there each week.

Over here, I’ll continue to write, explore, and spill my guts in a more or less regular but equally as haphazard way, hoping you’ll continue to bear with me. Thanks for your support!

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2011


Comments on: "1 Plus 1 Went Thataway" (2)

  1. K…did the Samba and am now following you. Adriene of the 1+infinity blogs.

  2. Thank you Stu! Mas Que Nada! ❤

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