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Like Love Hate

[See also: “Like. Love. Hate.” the ebook and “Like Love Hate” (the poem).]

Like Love Hate
mustard mayonnaise ketchup
gazing looking staring
flattery appreciation imitation
strawberry chocolate vanilla
hope optimism delusion
crayon pen pencil
surprised amazed blindsided
operate master control
cats kittens fur
abstraction complexity obscurity
appraisal interest assumption
cabbage broccoli carrots
calm quiet silence
planning preparation calculation
burgundy red pink
11 7 3
hands mouth feet
pool ocean lake
me me me
five minutes ago out  in
illegal parking speeding traffic tickets
spring summer winter
sugar Equal Splenda
clutter dirt dust
Lay’s laid lies
Wednesday Friday Tuesday
the Ghost Whisperer the Warrior Princess the Vampire Slayer
crying laughing vomiting
maturity wisdom age
sandals bare feet socks
apprehension worry guilt
busy engrossed obsessed
schedules itineraries budgets
Superbowl Olympics sports
want desire need
fried baked boiled
like love hate

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2011


Comments on: "Like Love Hate" (52)

  1. Well I love sports, the number 3 and ketchup… I hate ignorance and any pre conceived ideas about race,religion or football lol

    • I knew that I was going to polarize people on some of these issues, especially my thoughts on condiments and numbers. But sometimes you have to take a chance … ;p Love you, Jim. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This looks like it was fun. Was it hard to come up with a hate list? I have difficulty with hate because it’s something I try really hard not to do. I see a million post ideas here though with single word lists. Thanks for sharing details of your life, I liked this.

    • I agree Jen. This post is inspiring! 😉

    • Yes, Jenni, this was a really fun post to do but not easy! My original list was at least twice as long and some spots were empty. Funny enough, I always started out with either the “love” or the “hate” and tried to work it from there. I realize that I have pretty strong opinions so finding things I “like” was tough! I need to work harder on eliminating hate in my life … ;p

  3. Liek, love, hate….what a unique post Sweepy. I related to quite a few of them.


  4. I enjoyed the list. stil mulling over it. we could go on for hours mulling over each entry

  5. I really love this list. It is interesting visually to see that some of the very things we hate are born out of things we have a deep love for. The one the hit me the hardest was me, me, me. So honest. Well, Sweepy we love, love, love you girl! I could see this being blown up and used in a classroom to challenge students. In fact every student should have to make a list like this. Wonderful!

  6. GASP!!! HOW COULD YOU HATE BUFFY!!! One of MY all time favorite shows.

    either way…what a great post.

  7. I like the ‘me / me / me’ …. relatable! This was such a clever post! I enjoyed it! :-))

  8. I think I should try this also..its great.

  9. The 3 numbers you mention are all primes. How interesting.

    (3, though, is the only one found in the Fibonacci sequence.)

    Why hate silence? I find it essential. Noise is distracting. Some silences are bad – others are good.

    “pencil” I just don’t get o_O (speaking as someone who uses pencils all the time)

    • I hadn’t thought about the prime number aspect, that is interesting! I think early on I attached mystical properties to 7 and 11. I’m not sure what my beef is with 3; I just find it offensive. But I love writing poems based on the Fibonacci sequence. Weird … or should I say weirding? 😉

      Oh, and as for silence, I think I am distinguishing it from quiet. Silence is final, complete and scary. As for pencils, I don’t like the fact that their marks are so easily erased. I’d rather clutter my paper with scratch outs!

  10. curious to know how this worked. Interesting.

  11. Scrambled. Easy over. Poached.

  12. Loved this! What a great post Sweepy 🙂

  13. Big Idea Big Fun.

  14. Awesome concept! Totally dig that it has meaning whether you read it across or down.

  15. So you love speeding? Who would have thought ?
    As for chocolate, I can only agree with you. A fun post!

  16. I love appreciation! It’s amazing how much more I want to do when I know my family and friends appreciate me, that let ‘s me know they’re not just taking me for granted.
    Cool list. Thanks,

  17. I totally agree with everyone’s comments here…what a great idea! I am kinda curious about some of the entries, though…do you really love worry? As Jen said, there are a million post ideas in this!

    Wonderful post!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post! There is some element of playing with the language here. It’s not so much that I “love” worry, but I do it all the time. I default to it when there’s really nothing to worry about. It’s something I need to work on and constantly fight against.

  18. Intriguing list. Insights into your personality. So many good ones. Loved wisdom, maturity, and age. Don’t understand how you can love dirt but hate dust as dust leads to dirt. Or is it dirt as in earth? Forget that. The list was too good for pickies.

    I tried: Like mayonnaise, love honey, hate peanut butter
    Like happiness. Love content. Hate Letdowns.

    Yes, think I’ll try a list of my own just for my enlightenment.
    Or maybe you should issue a challenge but then what could equal yours in appeal, insights, and ingenuity?

    • I like your short list, Pennie! By all means, do more of the list and share it if you like. I know too many wordsmiths to think that only mine would be interesting. 1 plus 1 Wednesday shows me that every week. I think everyone’s is better than mine! ;p

      Yes, I did try to manipulate language in places and throw in some different associations to disturb the balance. You are right, I meant dirt as in earth.

  19. Brilliant Sweepy Lady sports sports sports


  20. Lol! Thanks A. you you sports xox

  21. Great post Adriene and a mine of personal information

  22. Birds Dogs insects
    Spring Summer Winter
    Roasted Grilled Boiled
    Entering Winning Waiting
    Giving Buying Selfishness
    coconut chocolate coffee
    3 4 0

  23. This list is definitely worth printing!
    The first line caught me attention completely! I hate ketchup too! I hate winters too… I have always lived in hot places and I find winters too tough to handle.

    Fried, baked, boiled is like my order too! You read my mind Adrienne! 🙂

    • Thanks, Hajra! I guess I should be grateful to live in a temperate climate where I get to experience all the seasons. As much as I hate winter, I may miss it if I lived in a place where it didn’t exist.

  24. What a cool idea, Adriene! It must’ve taken a lot of effort and thought to put this together because of the parallelism. I really identified with so many of your loves, including appreciation, chocolate, kittens and broccoli. And I especially related to “me” being in all three categories! Absolutely brilliant! =)

  25. Thank you, Sam. xox I was thinking about this list for weeks.

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  27. […] [Using all the words from the post "Like Love Hate"] […]

  28. […] there was the blog post, then the poem. Now Like. Love. Hate. is an ebook of four […]

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