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I’m really loving Twitter right now.

@SweepyJean, I’m likely to follow poets, writers, bloggers, and artists. The many people who share links also end up in my electronic newspaper, Sweepy Jean’s Daydream. It’s full of Internet articles on writing, arts and entertainment, technology, and education.

Over @1plus1Wednesday, there’s greater variety in who I follow, and the 1 Plus 1 Wednesday Digest shows it. Along with writing and entertainment, topics include the environment, health, photography, and both liberal and conservative politics.

I also publish three other e-newspapers:

Adriene’s Literary List – Leans heavily toward the topics of literature, the arts, film, and leisure

Poetry and Poetry Lovers – Quite a bit of poetry, oddly enough

Help for Writers – Writing advice, writing prompts, publishers, editing services, and more

Be a part of my Webby world. Follow me on Twitter. Subscribe to the e-newspapers.


Every week, I invite you to go to the comments section and share two words on any theme whatsoever.

Your two words can be simple, complex, or completely random. Say something important, or make no sense whatsoever. Feel free to comment as many times as you want with two-word combinations.

No restriction on language except no slurs against race/ethnicity or sexual orientation. Such comments will not be approved or will be deleted as soon as I’m able.

Need an example of how to play? Click here to see last week’s 1 + 1 in action!

Become a fan of  1 + 1 fan page at http://www.facebook.com/1plus1wednesday and invite your friends to join, too!

Have fun!

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2011


Comments on: "1 + 1: Exploring the (Webby) World" (50)

  1. dave chappel

  2. yellow ribbons

  3. Chocolate Drops

  4. kaleidoscopic candy

    (eight flavors in one)

  5. Monkey act

  6. loving florida

  7. Wicked Wednesday

  8. burning eyes

  9. stupid smile

  10. red carpet

  11. David Smith said:

    Air Conditioning

  12. munchkin land

  13. lack support

  14. Sweaty achievement

  15. music throbs

  16. Penelope J. said:

    Mean Monday

  17. […] an example of how to play? Click here to see last week’s 1 + 1 in […]

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