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1 + 1 Wednesday (#23)

Welcome to 1 + 1 Wednesday, All!

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with photographer Jim Brandano. I have a new poem, called “To Summer” on his blog, JP Brandano: Florida’s Photographers accompanied by his photos. I’m honored and pleased with the way it turned out. Please take a look. Comments are welcome!

Getting back to the current proceedings, I’m so happy for the nice response I receive each week for 1 + 1 Wednesday. Your contributions are truly the fuel for the fire, and I thank you so much for joining in!

If you are on Facebook, please consider “liking” the fan page at http://www.facebook.com/1plus1wednesday. If you are already a fan, invite your friends to join! The more the merrier. Also, if you have any suggestions or comments, don’t hesitate to pass them along.

I invite you to go to the comments section and share two words on any theme whatsoever.

Don’t be shy! It really is easy. You don’t have to be a writer to join in! Every response is the right response!

Your two words can be simple, complex, or completely random. Say something important, or make no sense whatsoever. Feel free to comment as many times as you want with two-word combinations.

No restriction on language except for this: No slurs against race/ethnicity or sexual orientation. Such comments will not be approved or will be deleted as soon as I’m able.

Want to see 1 + 1 in action?  Click here to see last week’s fun!

Burn up the comment section! Have fun!

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2011


Comments on: "1 + 1 Wednesday (#23)" (65)

  1. First of all,congratulations on that beautiful poem..keep writing,its a pleasure to read them.

    scorching pain

  2. summer’s coming

  3. more rain

  4. faster sunlight

  5. more sweat

  6. Slurring Satirically

  7. sulekha said:

    Loved your poem and the pics, commented there already.

    Blind Faith

  8. Stirring awake

  9. passion unleashed

  10. spatial energy

  11. humble beginning

  12. Proud ending

  13. suburbansatsangs said:

    June swoon

  14. Iced Cappuccino

  15. hole fillers

  16. jen**11 said:

    habitually hollow

  17. languid sanguinity


  18. exhaling elegantly

  19. I already liked your fan page =)
    Thank you for your comment.
    Mine is ::

    treasured tales =)

  20. Sleeping Beauty

  21. It’s Thursday.

    Btw congrats on the poem with Jim. I commented his and forgot to come and comment yours. Shame on me, I’m sorry.

  22. jen**11 said:

    Finally Awakens

  23. to late?

  24. Hi there Blog-A-Licious Author!! You’ve been added to my Blog-A-Licious library! Do keep your great posts coming! And do have a peep at the other Blog-A-Licious Blogs.
    Cheers – Dora

  25. Wow, thank you!

  26. […] to see 1 + 1 in action?  Click here to see last week’s 1 + 1 in […]

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