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1 + 1 Wednesday (#22)

Welcome to 1 + 1 Wednesday everybody!

Nice to see you! Glad you all survived the rapture this past weekend, although I hear the new date has been set for October 21 of this year.

If Harold Camping hadn’t reset the date, then I probably would not have said a word about it.  I’m almost sure it’s in bad taste to make fun of this serious issue.

But if I recall, the Bible says that no man (**or woman) knows the day or hour of the rapture. Which means Harold can’t be right, although he could be close. His recalculation could be off by a mere day or two. The Rapture could be on the 20th. Or the 22nd.

Could be. We don’t know.

By the way, have you ever seen the 1991 movie, The Rapure? I loved it. Awesome.

I invite you to go to the comments section and share two words on any theme whatsoever.

You don’t have to be a writer to join in!

Your two words can be simple, complex, or completely random. Say something important, or make no sense whatsoever. Feel free to comment as many times as you want with two-word combinations.

No restriction on language except for this: No slurs against race/ethnicity or sexual orientation. Such comments will not be approved or will be deleted as soon as I’m able.

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Want to see 1 + 1 in action?  Click here to see last week’s fun!

Thanks for joining in!

**Edited to be inclusive of women

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2011


Comments on: "1 + 1 Wednesday (#22)" (60)

  1. cave lion

  2. moist leaning

  3. Missing TLC?

  4. meant something

  5. shimmering stars

  6. Ain’t even

  7. suburbansatsangs said:

    catch breath

  8. found creativity

  9. Hard Hit

  10. weather weary

  11. David Smith said:

    John Rich

  12. yes return (see Hajra’s comment LOL)

    my serious words are:

    exciting times

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  14. sizzling romance.

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