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1 + 1 Wednesday (#20)

A single word is a powerful entity. A simple yes or a no can mean everything. But I truly believe that words are more effective in combination and that you only need two together to change the world. I do.

We wouldn’t be able to communicate ideas very well if all we uttered were one-word sentences. Strung together, words build on meaning that doesn’t exist separately, like a “perfect fit.” Even words that don’t seem to go together have a purpose, such as “happy accident.” So it is in relationships between people. We are always looking for ways to connect.

I invite you to go to the comments section and share two words on any theme whatsoever. The thought can be simple, complex, original, familiar, or completely random. You can be creative, experimental, clever, or silly. You can vent, say something important, or make no sense whatsoever.

No restriction on language except for this: No slurs against race/ethnicity or sexual orientation. Such comments will not be approved or will be deleted as soon as I’m able.

I’m still hoping to achieve 100 likes on the 1 + 1 fan page at http://www.facebook.com/1plus1wednesday. If you are already a fan, invite your friends to join!

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My two words for this week are in the comments. Check it out!

Thanks for joining in!

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Comments on: "1 + 1 Wednesday (#20)" (29)

  1. Purple Journalism

  2. looking forward

  3. Living Infinite

  4. man’s not

  5. continental drift

  6. Death Awaits

  7. inspiration perspiration

  8. waiting change

  9. reflections, perceptions

  10. suburbansatsangs said:

    spring sprung

  11. Lunch Break

  12. palindromes, patterns

  13. inspiring mentor

  14. jen**11 said:

    peeking glory

  15. jen**11 said:

    discovering me

  16. victorious struggle

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