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Incomplete Sonnet

I saw the river imitate my life,
A cold incessant mocking: Days on end
Of freeform thoughts like waves and rife
With certainty that I did not intend.


This was meant to be a classic Shakespearian sonnet. A local news item was its inspiration: A young mother of four drove her car into the Hudson River with her children in tow. The oldest child, able to escape before the car sank, was the only survivor. Here is a link to an article and video clips from ABC news.

At this point, I don’t know if I can or will finish this poem. The story it’s based on really affects me and I don’t think I have the proper distance from it yet. Also, details are still unfolding. Another issue is that I think I’m approaching it all wrong. I could never know what she was thinking or even approximate that. I’m not sure whether I should even try or if I could do justice to her story.

(This poem and all poems posted during April 2011 are included in the free ebook, “30 Poems, 30 Days: Inside a Poet’s Mind.”)

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2011


Comments on: "Poetry Challenge: Poem #15" (10)

  1. wow..that’s just unreal. I know this happens, I’ve read about it/heard it on the news..but..I can’t every imagine life being so bad or so hateful to do such a thing.

    I think you should finish it..but, as you wrote..let it sit for awhile. Your expressiveness is a way to maybe reach someone else who might even contemplate the same thing.

  2. What a tragic story, Jean. Your few lines have captured it so well..do continue…

  3. You know sometime people do things that might be beyond our comprehension but we must keep their mind that we have no idea about the kind of life they were leading and what forced them to made them take such a tragic step.

    • So true, Hajra. It hurts to know there is such despair in the world. It seems she was crying for help beforehand but no one understood it except in hindsight.

  4. Sad….. like you I am not sure how or if I could do it justice. I was thinking earlier about a “mothers love” its like nothing else, we’ll do anything I mean anything to protect our children… I could never understand things like this story …

    • Probably, to understand would be to access a really frightening part of ourselves. If I ever finish this poem, it would have to be in stages in order to bear it.

  5. You are such a deep person Sweepy. Love your imagery

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