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Get Your Blog Readers

If you want your blog to reach a wider audience, keep reading. I have three blog groups I am trying to establish.

But before I get to that, let me say that I was reluctant to write this post because I’m not used to asking for what I want. Blog promotion doesn’t come easy to me but how else are people going to know I’m here?

In this case, I want is to build a network of bloggers who tweet each others’ links. As you may or may not know, there’s a new invite-only website out there at http://triberr.com that sets it up so that the links are tweeted “auto-magically.”

I get excited about shiny new concepts like this. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t but as the saying goes, nothing beats failure like a try. Already I have met some really cool bloggers in the process and formed stronger alliances with bloggers I know well.

If you receive an invitation to join Triberr, you become a member of a tribe that your inviter controls. But once in, you can become the leader of three tribes of your own, which is cool. Instead of me explaining it all, visit the Triberr website or start by watching the video below. In the mean time, consider joining one of my three tribes. Each one has a theme and a set of criteria as follows (Note: These are my own criteria and not those of Triberr):

Eclectic Ambition
I’m looking for blogs written by men or women that have an edge or an attitude; they’re quirky, perhaps left-leaning politically or have mature subject matter. These blogs, for the most part, are personal blogs, although they may not fit neatly into a category. You must have at least 300 followers on Twitter unless I have already sent you an invitation. In that case, feel free to respond regardless of your following. I’m using the @sweepyjean account to tweet this tribe.

Encouraging Creativity
In this tribe, I’m look for blogs written by men or women that help spark creativity in their readers through prompts, advice, ideas, and articles. You must have at least 800 Twitter followers (anyone I already invited to the group is welcome to respond regardless of your following). I’m using the @1plus1wednesday account to tweet this tribe.

In this tribe, I’m look for blogs written by women who consider themselves to be poets, writers, artists, or other creative type and who want to take their game to the next level. Unless you’ve already been invited, you must have at least 800 Twitter followers. I’m using the @1plus1wednesday account to tweet this tribe.

Let’s get it poppin’. Email me if you would like to receive an invitation to join any of these groups (click the link up top for contact info and be specific about which group you think you are suited for). If you know someone who would like to join, recommend them to me. If you don’t fit into any of these categories or if all my slots fill up, I can recommend you to another tribe leader. It is also possible to search the site and ask existing tribes for an invitation. It couldn’t hurt to try!

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Comments on: "Get Your Blog Readers" (35)

  1. Sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to check the site out. Doesn’t sound like either of my blogs fit any of your categories, but I wish you the best in all three! I certainly know how hard it can be to get followers, or find a niche that’s not overdone ad nauseum.


  2. Sweepy Jean, I have a long way to go before I qualify for any of your groups. It’s a great idea and a wonderful post. Best of luck…

    • Thanks, Lucks. It’s just finding the balance to fit in Twitter with everything else, it that’s what you want. Not everybody does. Either way I’m still following your wonderful blog! ❤

  3. Sounds good mate, not sure what i would fit into. Is there a Gollem look alike, bad writing tribe?

    • Actually, Chaz, I think I did see a group exactly like that … Doesn’t hurt to look, there may be a group there you are interested in joining. 🙂

  4. Sweepy, sounds like a wonderful idea that has been put together. I’m going to take a look at it, but not quite sure that I fall into any of the catagories:(
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Aww, Mary, I would include everyone I know if I could but the slots are limited right now, maybe that will change in the future. In the mean time, do look into it. These are just my categories, but for others it’s wide open.

  5. Sweepy it is a wonderful idea unfortunately I do not have twitter! Am not sure if I fit the criteria as well.
    Will check into it

  6. I’d almost forgotten about tribrr. Thanks for the reminder. Will go visit now.

  7. ‘Nothing beats failure like a try’
    That’s the quote for me, Sweeps. I’m way off your twitter targets – and, oddly, keep losing those followers who appear more interested in modelling underwear than engaging in vibrant discourse. I wonder what I’m doing wrong…

  8. I love your ideas Sweepy. All of the above sound like winners. How does one get 800 Twitter followers? I’m far from the mark here but, as a poet and writer, I am interested in taking my game to the next level.

    • 800 followers? If that’s really your goal, I can give a step by step. I did it with @1plus1wednesday in a couple of months. But it’s not just the numbers. I also try to engage with followers. It takes effort and time but it’s worth it. There’s plent of technology out there that makes it manageable. Again, if more slots become available, you’ll be at the top of the list!

  9. I was so close on the third option. If only I were born a woman. LOL

  10. Sweepy, I don’t know how you and I haven’t connected before now, considering all the friends we have in common (Lisa Brandel is the first that comes to mind)! I am interested in this concept, as I am always looking for new options to grow readership & help other blogging friends do the same. I think that Healing Morning might fit into the third category – the Phenomenal one – you described, but I don’t have 800 followers on my Twitter account. Do I understand correctly that it’s an either/or criteria, in that I need to either have 800 followers on Twitter, or I need to have an invitation to join that group? Let me know on this.

    Thanks & good luck with this concept! I’ll make sure to share the info with other blogging friends.



    • All you need to get into Triberr is an invitation from someone. I was just outlining what I would like people to have if they wanted an invitation from me. Thanks for stopping by, Dawn!

  11. hi sweepy, i’d love to give it a try in the “Eclectic Ambition” tribe .. please email … alan “at” tbaoo.com – thanks

  12. Great information Sweepy – but I don’t think I qualify : (

  13. jean i will be back . it is late but i am very inter interested . i don’t have the numbers to join, but this sound like some thing i would like , you i hope know me. i am a poet and writer. somewhat., and i like to get people too be active in life . so please send me an invite to join. this sounds like a good place to me gb.

    • I heart you, Roy.Twitter is not the end all and be all, but if you have less than 10 followers, Triberr may not be the way for you. There are so many other ways to promote …

  14. hmm i’m a dude strike one, and my blog isn’t exactly inspiring, strike 2. But it’s a great idea. Hopefully you will have better luck with this sort of thing than I did. People just don’t really care. They want you to do something for them, but they don’t want to have to do anything in return.

  15. I have a long way to go before I qualify for any! But I really don’t understand the Triberr perfectly. Might need a tutorial before I understand how it actually works! If you wish u can send me a message on facebook!

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