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Saturday Morning Live

I was trying to think about what to write and nothing stood out as particularly post worthy. I figured maybe if I put them together then the parts would equal a whole.

Random Thoughts

I’m a slacker in some ways. I hate making up my bed so I rarely do it. I’m ok if someone else makes my bed for me, but I will gladly get into a disheveled bed (my own, not sure about someone else’s mess). This aversion to making my bed may have to do with my childhood. My mom was fanatic about bed making–flipping and rotating mattresses every week to preserve firmness, insisting on perfectly even ends and tucking them into “hospital corners.” WTF.

I need a personal assistant. I can think of a ton of things I need help with. But for starters,my assistant could  help me pick out what clothes to wear to work and iron them if necessary, make my bag lunch for me, and make sure I have an adequate supply of Extra gum (any of the fruit flavors except watermelon, never the bubblegum flavor, and any of the “dessert” flavors but preferably key lime pie). Also, make sure I always have change or singles for the vending machine.

I need balance in my life. It bothers me when someone says one thing and does another, so I try not to be that type or person. By the same token, I  don’t think I should ask someone to do something that I myself am not willing to do. Not every action should be performed with the idea that I will get something in return, but  if I feel I am putting out a lot of energy and not getting much back, then maybe I need to rethink my involvement.

I heart J Lo. I really like the revamped panel of judges on American Idol. I like the comaraderie and the lack of competition among them. Steven Tyler is so comfortable being himself, I love it. I think Randy is starting to shine as a leader now that Simon Cowell is gone. I used to love Paula Abdul on this show, but Jennifer Lopez is a worthy replacement although she’s not as loopy (I liked the loopiness). But she brings the warmth and compassion.

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Comments on: "Saturday Morning Live" (36)

  1. Watch what you wish for- there are people who would love to be a personal assistant, flip the mattress for you every now and then and do other chores you hate…all while you sit back and write the rest of you blogs, in front of watching American Idol!

  2. OK I got the first 3… Lost me on the fourth hehe Beds yep! I love watermelon! And the mos† important one is to never ever say anything you don’t mean to do! I have done it and feel awful afterwards and others have done it to me and I feel even worse (anger)..

    Cheers A

    • Oh, so true! Sometimes it’s hard to say no and sometime I mean to do what I say at the time but then realize I’m in over my head. Just have to keep doing our best. ❤ There must be an Aussie Idol? If so, you're not missing anything by not seeing our version!

  3. You sound just as lazy as I am…even I have no qualms into getting into my own disheveled bed! My mom still finds me dirty but I find it hard to change 😦

  4. I have to admit, I have a thing for beds. In fact, I often have bed envy, flipping through home decor magazines and seeing these gorgeous oases. I vow to make MY bed a gorgeous oasis. The closest I come is simply to change the sheets weekly and “make it” daily, which DOES make me feel good.

    Oh, and I bought myself Euro pillows last year and found Euro shams at Marshall’s that didn’t bankrupt me. Unfortunately, my cat regularly plucks at my matelasse duvet cover, so it looks a little sad, threads popping out here and there.

    I would LOVE to have my bedroom be that beautiful place I can retreat to, like they say in all those feng shui pieces. But I have no other place to put my computer and printer, and I always seem to have stacks of bills, articles, books, magazines and folders of work in progress on the floor, desk, on top of the printer, on top of bookshelves. So…a made up bed is the best I can do at this point and I try to “tune out” the surrounding clutter and chaos.

    PS – I am late in coming to a made-up bed. For many years, I just didn’t have the time, what with kids, early job starts, a.m. gym time. I’d say I was 50 when I got into it. 😉 There’s hope, Sleepy Jean.

  5. I never make my bed either, lol….I LOVE JLo in that new movie she did where she had a baby? the Back up plan! I laughed so hard!! 🙂

  6. Duvets were invented to prevent having to make beds – as long as you wash the sheets regularly. I do very little housework and trained the family from the time my boys were 5 to help out. I also have a husband who knows and helps with the cleaning up

  7. I have to admit I feel the same way about beds. If I’m bouncing anything off my mattress it isn’t going to be a coin???? I do have a wife so our bed is made everyday, sometimes twice a day.
    I agree completely on the Idol judges. J Lo is so beautiful she is distracting lol

  8. I can relate to the bed thing somewhat. I feel great when I have a well made bed. However, since the hand injury there are a lot of things that I can’t do that I used. I like to flip and rotate my mattress. I love hospital corners. I love all those bits and bobs that go into making a lovely inviting comfy place. Like you tho Jane I need a housekeeper to help me achieve all these things because I just don’t have the manual dexterity to pull them off.

    I would love to have a personal assistant. Furthermore I would love to have a style assistant. I have a barely identifiable style when it comes to professional clothing. I am a wash and wear gal. T Shirts and jeans make up a majority of what is in my wardrobe.

    le sigh I am hopeless in that department

    • Speedy recovery with your hand injury! With hospital corners, it’s a little to snug at the bottom for me. I guess they are designed so you won’t fall out of the bed?

  9. Sweepy some of the best post’s come out of random thoughts so don’t worry about doing one from time to time were all human. And you know what they say about not making your bed right? An unmade bed keeps the bed bugs away…lol

  10. you have gone and done it now! some darn fool will be selling a clapper bed maker upper. girl go for a walk through the daisy lemmas riff and get some sanity back. shame on you. lol great post

  11. i agree with what you say – except for points 1, 3, & 4 – that’s a good average me thinks, i too need an assistant and my saturday seemed to be very similar .. 😉

  12. Such a fun conversation about bed-making! I have to admit, I like my bed made up first thing. It just sets the tone for my day. My mom was a fanatic too. I’m not quite that bad, but I can’t get in a bed that isn’t “made up.” LOL
    Also, I love Idol! Steven Tyler is cracking me up and J. Lo? too awesome! Randy is stepping up and that’s cool too.

  13. I love your post. It is honest and delightful. Hugs.

  14. Pack your bags and move to India…. you will get the PA, cook etc

  15. Ha!! Lately, I’ve been a slacker too, I’ve been a bad girl, lol!! And I’ll beat myself up during the week, because I didn’t do X or Y during the weekend, it’s a constant battle, that I need to stop, lol. This is where my personal quest for balance comes in, so I can definitely relate.

  16. Did you just step into my head – certainly feels like it 🙂 I love how you start off saying nothing is post worthy and then you ‘again’ pull something very readworthy out of the hat 🙂

    • Lol, I’m glad you can relate! I never know what the reaction will be to any of my posts and each time I wait for someone to comment, “What the hell are you talking about?” Should I have admitted that? 🙂

  17. Sweepy – my sentiments exactly regarding making the beds – I hate it and kill myself of guilt when I don’t make them. i used to leave them unmade just like you before but now i feel like i am setting a bad example on my daughter and try to keep the place as tidy as i can- bummer!!!

    • I also worried about being a bad role model! So when my children were younger, I used to give them a dollar for making my bed. I figured I was teaching them the joys of working for their money. They loved it. They’re adults now and I can’t afford them any more. ;p

  18. I am soooooo with you on that personal assistant plan. Why didn’t anyone clean my house while I was at work today?! 🙂

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