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1 + 1 Wednesday (#9)

I cannot lie, or rather, not very well and not for long. This is my downfall.

Welcome to 1 + 1 Wednesday.

Truth is, I have been out of sorts lately. Truth is, I have tried not to vent on this blog. Truth is, I’ve been wanting to play the explicit viral YouTube version of Cee Lo Green’s hit song known as “Forget You” ever since it came out but haven’t.

But today I will. Because it’s never too late. Because it has a two word title that expresses what I have to say.  Not so much the rest of the lyrics, not exactly. But the title, yes, it’s what I want to say to the cosmos.

Those are my two words.

As for the rest of you, you can say what you want. You don’t have to be angry with me.

I invite you to go to the comments section and share two words on any theme whatsoever. Make it simple or thought provoking, original or familiar. Be creative, be experimental, vent, say something important, be random, be silly, be whatever.

Doesn’t matter. No judgment.

No restrictions on language except for this: No slurs against race/ethnicity or sexual orientation. Such comments will not be approved or will be deleted as soon as I’m able.

Click here to see last week’s 1 + 1.

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On Twitter follow 1 + 1 at http://twitter.com/1plus1wednesday.

If you don’t like profanity, then fuck it, don’t watch the video!

Otherwise, enjoy! :p (I feel better already!)

[Note: I took down the video because I belatedly recognized that some of the lyrics violated one of my rules. Instead, I will put the two-word title in the comments.]

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2011


Comments on: "1 + 1 Wednesday (#9)" (39)

  1. Need Springtime!!! =)

  2. Ha-ha! I had a lot of trouble just saying two words! I’m so sorry. I know what it feels like. . .big time. Better off without the jerk. xo

    Oh and karma’s a bitch!

  3. counting down

  4. who me

  5. Sorry this isn’t in the normal format for today’s commenting posting. I just wanted to let you know I have really enjoyed your blog and have started following you. In addition I have added you into my RSS so i get your new posts easier.

    I am so glad we found each others blogs. I would actually reccommend you read my post A Day That Will Live in Infamy if you are looking for a good start point on the blog.

    Looking forward to chatting more with you,

  6. Help me…

  7. forget menot

  8. Coffee Time

  9. kick butt

  10. punching bag

  11. praying mantis

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  13. “You’re funny” – not two words technically, but – “who cares”!

  14. suburbansatsangs said:

    deep waters

  15. Cappuccino Delight

  16. PS love that song

  17. moving forward

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