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The First Sign of Spring

Every year it’s the same thing: September comes and I wish the summer would linger indefinitely. So far, the weather in the northeast US is cooperating nicely. However, as we head into October, I’ll be the last holdout wearing open-toed sandals to work wishing I had better sense. Ultimately, there’s no stopping the change of the seasons in the real world.

Before long, the air becomes brisk, harsh on skin and lungs. The sun, as bright, blinding, and ineffectual as a high-wattage light bulb, starts to make less frequent appearances as the grayness settles in.

The leaves turn beautiful shades of yellow and red on the trees, but on the ground they become brittle, curled, and monochromatic–not that I’m often anywhere near them. Thanks to apartment living, I’m not responsible for dealing with leaf gathering and removal. I don’t even walk among them: I drive or am driven to everywhere I go. I’m citified, cynical, urban.

Good thing poets and poetry lovers can be transported anywhere through words and do not have to be stuck in autumn. (How’s that for a segueway?). I personally find poetry in a wide variety of places.

I love the lyrics to Mary J. Blige’s song, Color, written for the movie Precious.
It took a long time to get to this place
And now that I’m here no one can ever erase
The joy that I feel way down deep inside
The love that I have for me will never, never die

I can see in color the first sign of spring
The rose buds are blooming
I got a new song, new song to sing

Life looks so amazing
I never knew that it could open my eyes
And for the very, very first time I can see in color

Everything looks beautiful, sky so baby blue
I’m anxious to know where the rest of this road will go
If April showers bring flowers then I need, I need more rain
To quench the drought in me, so rain on me, rain on me

I can see in color the first sign of spring
The rose buds are blooming
I got a new song, a new song to sing

Life looks so amazing
I never knew that it could open, open my, open my eyes
And for the very, very first time I can see

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2010.


Comments on: "The First Sign of Spring" (5)

  1. Sweepy I have missed you something FIERCE and about floated up to God when I saw your post today. I have wanted to email, but my heart told me that you had “shit to do”. I love Mary J and her songs have a soul and thought to them that if you really listen you feel like she is in your life hearing your hopes and fears….kind of like how I feel about a lot of your writing.

    On Fall…It was my Daddy’s fave time of the year, and mine too. There is something pure about it to me…the smells in the air, the leaves in vibrant color. Fall flowers and foliage tell me things, it shows to me in picture something that moves me deeply. The fall colors are so vibrant, and the flowers that bloom are so colorful it is like they KNOW their time is going to be brief in this world so they explode before our eyes to show us that no matter how short of time they have they are going to give the world as much beauty as they can. Summer flowers, while pretty, are lazy…they think they have forever.

    Welcome back,and I hope to be seeing your more. You are loved!

  2. SO glad to ‘hear’ your voice again. I’ve missed you terribly. Hope this is a precursor of more writing to come. I miss my Sweepy Jean! You always get me singing.

  3. I’m with you there, still wearing the sandals as long as I can. A wonderful use for poetry!

  4. I delight in the autumn–the crispness under my feet, a new bite in the air, the harvest moon, and the pumpkins. I even thrill at the motion forced on my legs and arms with the quick swish, brush of raking, but we all have our seasons and we all find our lulls. Winter grinds me down to gristle and teeth. Poetry, though, poetry and music keep us strong.

  5. That’s a great post – love the poetry 😉
    Thanks so much for linking it up to my Music Hop!

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