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Like That Girl

Who is this girl
Walking across the side street
In front of my car
Against the light?
My thoughts,
Are to mow her down
But by law I must wait
As I am her subject.
I watch in fascination
As she saunters on long legs
Wrapped in skinny light-blue jeans
Hugged lovingly around
The perfect ass,
Not overwhelming
But juicy enough to cup
If she will let you.
She is a cool drink
And yes,
I want to be just like her,
Long waisted and small breasted,
Smooth skinned and unsmiling,
Nonchalant nose, unconcerned eyes.
She looks at nothing
Yet you wish for her to see you.
I want to be that girl–
Young enough to seem fresh, unused,
Mature enough to do the using.
She parts the air with her presence,
Graces the sunshine with her existence.
We are visitors in her world
Though she rarely spends a night alone,
Unless by choice,
And only with the strongest
And longest lasting and hungriest
And only for pleasure,
Never for love–
Never for that–
Because love as we dream it
Is an illusion,
Is not on her radar,
Not in her vocabulary.
How sexy is she?

When she clears the hood
My light turns yellow, then red.
She meanders across the opposite street.
I see the scattered others,
Men and women,
Looking, too,
Drawn to the gravity of her effortlessness.
Her beauty is not what grounds her
But rather a secret thing she will not tell–
Although you may cajole and flatter,
Although you may buy her the finer things,
Although you worship at her profane altar
Again and again,
You will never get more than
You can divine from her careless gait;
No artiface, no pretense,
Just a total comfort in her skin.
Who does not want to be like that?
I do, and when my light is green
I try to remember
If I was half as shrewd at her age
And what, if anything,
Anyone has ever seen in me.

© Sweepy Jean and Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, 2010.


Comments on: "Like That Girl" (18)

  1. As I was reading this I could hear that song by the Doors that had the line in it “Hello, I love you..won’t you tell me your name..” Kind of the same theme…enjoyed your poem.

  2. This has to be my new favorite poem ever. I want to print it out and frame it, so I can look at it every day, and am right now infact making my mother listen to me read it to her! You blow me away, I wish I had half this talent!

  3. i simply loved it..
    enjoyed reading it

  4. This is beautiful just as is. Great job; I can so relate to not wanting to be in this body at this age, not wanting to need or crave or thirst, to have it all my way…. rather than sitting in a stretched out tank top grey sweats one bad leg, but now I’m thinking of a racy story that could offset the dismalness of the piece I just posted and maybe it will make someone laugh..xxxxj

  5. wowzer… I love this… so compelling and haunting. It is your fleeting thoughts to mow her down that immediately snatch my attention and pull me in.. It makes me feel like what you have to say following it will be full of honesty and vulnerability.

    I find myself inside the head of the woman.. having a conversation with you… I hear your words, and I am responding to each one.. My thoughts tell you that this is not effortless. It has taken years of practice to act as if I don’t care, or need or desire the same things that you need..

    My nights of passion are left wanting… My fleeting thoughts are that I wish you would gun me down with your car. You don’t think I see you, but I do. And how I wish I was as comfortable in my skin as you..

  6. Great poem & writing. I felt like I was right there watching the whole thing.

  7. Wow sweepyjean, this was amazing – to begin with wanting to mow her down, yes, caught me immediately! Your words told the story with so much passion and vision that I could see (and feel) the story played out before my eyes!

    And yes, how can I not relate and not want to feel that as that kind of beauty – but at the same time – to simply an illusion – no thanks. I think, even I will keep my average self. 🙂

    Beautiful & thank you

    • Thank you so much, Bernadine. I have to agree with you; sometimes the joys and especially the pain of life are a lot to handle, but I’d rather feel them than not.

  8. lifemix2 said:

    Amazing job with the poem! So visual! Beautiful 🙂

  9. I think this poem is so real. That’s what I love about it. It addresses the insecurities we have and at the same time, admiration for female beauty. Spot on! Or as the ‘youngsters’ say over here: “On point!”.

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